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I hail from Nigeria, was born into a Christian family and have embraced the Christian faith since my early years. However, my transformative journey as a born-again Christian commenced in 2009. Presently, I am blessed with a beautiful wife and two children.

Initially serving as a youth leader in my church in Abeokuta, Nigeria for three years, my path led me to India for my undergraduate studies Bachelor in Computer Application. During my time in Bangalore, I actively participated in the Redeemed Church Living Faith Parish, where I assumed the role of Youth Leader and led the Youth department from 2012 to 2015.

My evangelistic endeavours began in India, recognizing it as a land ripe for spiritual harvests. Upon completing my degree, I ventured to Estonia, where I held the position of Evangelism Director from 2018 to 2020. There, I organized and led evangelism outreaches for the Redeemed Christian Church of God Grace Chapel, witnessing numerous individuals turning to Jesus Christ.

In 2021, I relocated to Finland, continuing my evangelism ministry alongside my role as a Cloud Engineer. Having previously worked with Capgemini Finland and KPMG Finland, my calling to full-time ministry in September 2023 redirected my professional trajectory.

In 2022, I attended the Evangelism training with Christ for All Nations during the Firecamp in Finland. This training enhanced my preaching skills, making me a more proficient evangelist through the knowledge gained and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Venturing beyond borders, I participated in evangelistic missions with Christ for All Nations. In December 2022, I joined a team in Rwanda for two weeks of youth crusades, resulting in 160,000 documented salvations. Additionally, in March 2023, I engaged in a three-week mission in Kenya, witnessing 142,000 documented salvations through youth crusades and school evangelism.

In 2023, my family and I spent three months in Orlando, USA, attending the Evangelism Bootcamp training with Christ for All Nations. Subsequently, we relocated to Uganda for on-field training, where we experienced the joy of seeing 152,000 documented salvations and numerous miraculous healings.

My life’s purpose is rooted in the profound desire to spread the knowledge of Jesus Christ globally. I am wholeheartedly dedicated to reaching the unreached and equipping the body of Christ with the transformative power of the gospel.

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We have one mission, one vision… the great commission. We accomplish this through our mass Gospel crusades, church and revival services, television programming, podcasts and social media platforms. Our international crusades are strategically planned in the most unreached parts of the world where Christianity is only 2% or less. We work with local churches in the region to disciple the new believers and often times, many new churches are planted from each crusade. We also use television and social media to reach the masses with the gospel around the world. Our weekly TV show Salvation Today airs in 72 countries and in nearly 200 million homes in the nation of Pakistan alone. Our ministry exists to win the lost with the full Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

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